About Sound ConneXions

Sound ConneXionsTM was founded in 2007 by Iris and James Lemmer. Together they have spearheaded several social innovations, including a scalable model for building Community Technology Centers (CTCs) in Kenya, Africa and a series of quarterly public forums designed to serve as a living Community of Practice for anyone interested in Social Innovation.   SoundConneXions provides education and consulting support to individuals, communities and organizations who operate in the public interest.  Iris and James bring many years in business management, finance, and  hands-on experience in  management consulting,  group facilitation, educational design and leadership of systemic change to organizations and communities in the field of social innovation.

What is Social Innovation?

Leadership Team


Iris Lemmer Co-founder Managing Partner

Prior to devoting herself full-time to Sound Connexions, Iris developed innovative human resources and organizational development programs as an internal consultant for Microsoft, Kraft Foods and Helene Curtis. Her strategic, results-oriented approach to leadership allowed her to create breakthrough-learning experiences for employees by unleashing the transformative potential that resides in individuals and communities of practice. She spearheaded grassroots innovation efforts at Microsoft and developed a business case for developing scalable and sustainable entrepreneurial development.   She created breakthrough learning and new kinds of social innovation by forging for-profit, not-for-profit partnerships at Microsoft and Kraft. She has been a frequent speaker at organization development conferences and written numerous articles for the profession. Recent conference workshops include, “Using Communities of Practice for Strategic Advantage” at the Pacific Northwest Organization Development Network,” and “From Invention to Adoption:  Change the Way You See Innovation” at the 2009 Pegasus Conference.  She has also published several articles including Creating Systems-wide Change:  Career Models and Culture Change at Microsoft (2007), OD Best Practices Journal and co-authored with Olesen, C; White, D .  Iris holds B.S. in Retail Management Administration from Purdue University and a M.A. in Organizational Change Leadership from Antioch University Seattle.

James Lemmer Co-founder Managing Partner

James has worked in business development, strategic planning and collaborative implementation for more than 25 years, serving businesses and organizations of all sizes. His most recent projects emphasize grassroots initiation of entrepreneurial opportunities in which he designs innovative partnerships and a variety of business models to create unique value propositions.  His consulting clients include Allstate Insurance, Fruit of the Loom Inc, Acme Boot Co, Microsoft Corporation, John Deere Co, Tempo Plastics, and Household International. James has also designed and delivered experiential workshops on financial literacy, leadership and innovation, and  served as a guest lecturer at Chapman University, University of California, Davis, and California State University, Fresno. During the 1980’s, James served as a member on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and worked as a Market Maker in stock index options and futures. James received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University,  and an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago.



Contact us via email: info@soundconnexions.com

8 Responses to About Sound ConneXions

  1. Dan Bassill says:

    Iris and James,

    Thanks for inviting me to share the ideas of the Tutor/Mentor Connection during yesterday’s Chicago meeting. I look forward to connecting further and drawing support from the talent and network of the Sound Connextions community, while sharing my own experience and network.

    • Iris says:

      Hi Dan,
      Thanks so much for sharing your experience and being a social innovation spotlight for us at the Chicago forum. We learned a lot from you and the great work you’ve done connecting assets for tutoring and mentoring. WOW, great stuff!

      We look forward to our continued collaboration. I’m sure there are folks in our Seattle SX community who will be interested in collaborating with you as well.

      Thanks again and best to you, Iris

  2. […] more info: New Community Vision is eager to work with individuals and groups, such as Sound ConneXions, to spawn a movement to think about our social and housing paradigms in a new context. Community […]

  3. […] more info: New Community Vision is eager to work with individuals and groups, such as Sound ConneXions, to spawn a movement to think about our social and housing paradigms in a new context. Community […]

  4. […] Sound ConneXions seeks to provide an effective infrastructure to support social entrepreneurs and connect them with the people and resources to catapult and scale desired social change. […]

  5. […] A substantial number of people have progressed far enough to take our culture to a higher level. Sound ConneXions Forums provide the setting where people who are involved in social innovation gather with others to […]

  6. tami says:

    Hi Iris, James, Lucy,

    How exciting to hear about the “Everett Station” arts site. I’m a local artist and would love to find space i could afford and heard these were very accessible. I’d appreciate some basic info about space size’s and prices. I understand there’s a group tour for this saturday but am not sure i’ll be able to attend. Thanks for your efforts to support the arts!

    Tami Cole

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