September 25, 2010

Where Do New Ideas Come From?

Author and innovator Steve Johnson shares insights from his latest book in this 17 minute TED talk.


May 3, 2010

One of our debut social innovation Projects

Sound ConneXions Forum Produces Plans For Community

Brian and Joy discuss plans for 3D Art Space and a Commons Art Gallery

On July 10th we launched a community planning process for the 3231 Creatives. a space for building community and the local economy.  We invited people of all ages from the greater Puget Sound area interested in creativity and community to join us.  Our day  began by sharing an overview of what we hope to accomplish in the Creative Commons and a tour of the facility.   We designed a community involvement practices from “Open Space Technology”  in order to allow interests group to form and , come up with ideas on what they wanted to see happen in the Commons.  A second round of meetings created actions plans and working committees to make it happen.  The assets we used were the knowledge, skill and energy of the people who came plus the venue for the Commons, a 24,000 square foot building.

It was a very productive day, albeit, like herding cats at times. Five teams produced an array of plans for enriching community ranging from opening a interactive art gallery (in two weeks!) to providing space for musics rehearsals, to workshops on a range off topics:  community wellness, child development, painting, and events such as stage performances, as well as  and a place for experimenting with sculptural techniques and ecologically sound practices for dealing with art materials.

All programs will be designed to provide economic benefit to 3231 Creatives, its members and the local community.

Pam and Steve discuss creative opportunities for young families

It was gratifying to see a group that began mostly as strangers coming from all parts of Puget Sound, ranging in age from early 30s to late 70s, end the day feeling connected and inspired to apply their energy, skills and talents to bring 3231 Creatives to life!

Sound ConnneXions will serve as the ongoing facilitator of processes of coordinating the community’s projects and programs and continue by continuing to support the momentum created in our first community forum.  If you are interested in our project or would like to join in the effort, please email us at



Sound ConneXions supports the design, creation and cultivation of scalable and sustaining social innovations that empower communities and provide financial, social and ecological benefits

Positive examples of social innovations are creating wide spread curiosity and excitement across our country and around the world.  In his 2007 book on bottom-up social change, Blessed Unrest, Paul Hawken explains how the Natural Capital Institute came to create the largest online database of civil society organizations in 243 countries, and estimate that there  hundreds of thousands of such organizations worldwide.

While there is a proliferation of  grass-roots interest in addressing the needs of civil society, organizations increasingly require modes and support for financial sustainability and community and cross-sector alignment to achieve their missions.  Many existing assets within their communities go unnoticed and untapped, and nonprofits struggle to connect and coordinate effectively with business and government  and constituents that share their passion for social change. We provide support for the collaborative methods needed to create and scale social innovations through the Sound ConneXions DNA.

Our unique perspective and vision provides us with the resources and expertise to support social innovations in a unique way.


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